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8 reasons why you should get Qualified in Plastering

Plastering is both an art and a science, requiring precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of materials and techniques.

As the construction industry grows, the demand for skilled plasterers has never been higher. Gaining a formal qualification in plastering through OZCAREER can set you apart in this competitive field, validating your experience and opening doors to new opportunities.

Why it’s important to get qualified. 

1. Professional recognition and credibility

A formal qualification in plastering enhances your resume and boosts your credibility with clients and employers. It’s a testament to your expertise and dedication to the trade, assuring others of the quality and professionalism of your work.

2. Compliance and safety

In an industry where safety is paramount, being qualified ensures you’re up to date with the latest regulations and best practices. This is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of everyone on site.

3. Career advancement

Qualifications are the key to unlocking higher-level positions and more lucrative contracts. They demonstrate your ability to handle complex projects and can lead to roles with greater responsibility and higher pay.

The RPL Process: Bridging Experience and Certification

4. Valuing your experience

OZCAREER recognises the importance of on-the-job learning. Through RPL, your existing skills and experience are assessed and can be converted into a nationally recognised qualification, bridging the gap between informal experience and formal certification.

5. Simplifying certification

The RPL process with OZCAREER and our RTO partners is designed to be straightforward and supportive, making it easier for busy professionals to gain their qualifications without unnecessary hassle. We’ll guide you through each step, from documentation to assessment, ensuring your experience is accurately recognised.

The benefits of being qualified in plastering.

6. Enhanced job opportunities

A formal qualification makes you more attractive to potential employers and clients looking for certified professionals. This can open doors to a wider range of projects, including high-end and commercial jobs that require specific expertise.

7. Increased earning potential

Qualified plasterers are often able to command higher rates for their work. As your credentials clearly demonstrate your skills and knowledge, clients are more willing to invest in the quality you bring to their projects.

8. Continuous professional development

Gaining a qualification is a step towards lifelong learning and professional development. It encourages you to keep up with industry trends and new techniques, ensuring you remain competitive and proficient in your trade.

Gaining a formal qualification in plastering can significantly impact your career, from enhancing your credibility and job opportunities to increasing your earning potential. With OZCAREER, the path to certification through RPL is made more straightforward, recognising your hard work and experience.

Embrace this opportunity to cement your status as a skilled professional in the plastering trade and pave the way for a successful future.