Diploma of Retail Management

Diploma of Retail Management

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1. Applicant's Profile

Total 5.3 years of Work experience as a retail manager, an owner.

2. Education background

Certificate III in Business, Certificate IV in Small Business Management

3. What qualification did you apply? And why?

I just received my Diploma of Retail Management yesterday. I have been running my parent’s business for 3 years, and I felt that I need to learn about the course which directs to my career, so I went to college to get Certificate III & IV in Business a year ago. Since this year our business run faster than before, so I could not but I stop going to the college. My friend mentioned about RPL which requires only working experience evidence to get qualification, and I searched up my relative course, and OZCAREER recommended Diploma of Retail Management.

4. What evidence materials did you prepare for RPL?

I took photos and videos on my job, and asked my parents to issue our company reference letter, write my resume with job description, and some recommendation letters from my staff members.

5. How long did it take?

It only took 2 weeks after I submitted all of my document and application form.

6. What do you want to do in 5 years?

I hope that I can get my another supermarket in another suburb as a branch near future.