Republic of Korea


Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Applicant's Profile

I worked as a trainer in Korea and China for a total of over 6 years.

Education background

Hefei University Chinese Language and Literature in China Hanyang University Physical Education in Korea

What qualification did you apply? And why?

I have completed Certificate III & IV in Fitness to work in Australia Fitness center.

What evidence materials did you prepare for RPL?

Anything that can prove your experience (Resume, reference letter, certifications, media evidence, portfolio, recommendation letter, relevant qualification, application form, etc)

How long did it take?

The process took about a month after preparing all supporting materials.

What do you want to do in 5 years?

I’m planning to work as a trainer in Australia, gaining experience and expertise while working in various fields. Australia is a country that greatly enjoys sports. Therefore, my goal is to create exercise programs that enhance the range of motion and prevent injuries, enabling members to enjoy sports more effectively. I aim to make sports more enjoyable for individuals by helping them improve their overall fitness and well-being.