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How to Get Started in Commercial Cooking

Cooking is an art form in Australia thanks to the abundance of authentic and quality fresh food. If you’re passionate about food preparation and have started to gain some experience in the industry, it could be time to consider a career in commercial cooking.

Where and how do you get started?

Let’s explore how you can pursue a career in commercial cooking and develop the skills needed to confidently climb the career ladder. 

Where can commercial cookery take you?

Commercial cookery can take your skills to a number of hospitality venues, including restaurants, pubs and bars, cafes, hotels and catering companies. The pace and style of cooking you enjoy should ultimately determine the venue you choose to work in.

Would you prefer to work in a fast-paced, high-end restaurant? Or do you have your heart set on opening your own cafe? There are countless options to explore when deciding on your career goals.

What opportunities await?

A career in commercial cookery comprises a number of different pathways, including Chef, Chef de Partie, Head Chef and Sous Chef.

As a Chef de Partie, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your skills to a specific area in the kitchen. You will be completely responsible for your specific area, along with your team of assistants.

A Sous Chef is the second in charge. You’ll need to work on fine-tuning your leadership and communication skills to excel as a Sous Chef.

If you continue down the path of commercial cookery, further your training and education, and develop an impressive skill set; a Head Chef role could await you in the future. A head Chef’s role is to lead and supervise the kitchen, as well as ensure business profitability.

Whether you choose to run your own business or work your way up the ranks in the industry, you’ll firstly need to build your portfolio with commercial cookery qualifications.

Finding the right qualification

It could be time to qualify your skills and experience with a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery – SIT40516

This qualification will help to develop and certify your skills in managing kitchen operations, leading teams and individuals, developing and adapting menus and preparing dishes using a range of professional techniques. These skills are the foundation for a career as a commercial cook. By achieving a nationally recognised, formal qualification; you can advance in your career and apply for jobs in the kitchens you’ve been dreaming of.

A Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery – SIT40516 will qualify you for the roles of Chef or Chef de Partie.

Use RPL to Kick Start Your Career

Do you have experience working in a commercial kitchen? You could fastrack achieving your formal qualification with recognition of prior learning (RPL). If you can demonstrate that you have the skills and experience required to achieve a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery – SIT40516, you could have your formal qualification in just four weeks.

The team at Skills Certified can assist you with building your portfolio of evidence for assessment. An assessor from one of our partner RTOs will then make a decision about your competence based on the evidence provided.

If the fast-paced, hands-on nature of a commercial kitchen sounds like your dream office; get started on your career today. The hospitality industry is set to boom in the coming months as international travel recommences, so start your journey now and acquire a formal qualification that will set you up for success.