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How to prepare for after lock-down of remote work

No matter what you call it: remote work, work from home, flexible work arrangements… they are all the future way of working, for most industries. What was once a benefit of progressive workplaces, is now a necessity due to the COVID pandemic.

In fact, in the latest survey from The Australian Government Institute of Family Studies, the findings showed that 67% of Australians are currently working from home – compared with 42% pre-COVID. Keeping in mind the survey was prior to the latest Australian lockdown – meaning this figure has no doubt grown.

With remote work now a requirement rather than a nicety of most workplaces, we’ve pulled together some ways in how you can prepare for the future of remote work.

Invest in reliable technology

Technology will now be your connection to your workplace, clients, suppliers – so it is important you have reliable tools and tech to operate effectively. From essential tools such as a laptop, second screen, wireless keyboard and mouse, and a good headset to consistent tech – hello WiFi! Plus all the platforms for communication and collaboration. Reliable technology will be integral to your success.

Track your success

Remote working can leave you with a tunnel vision, for, well, work. Which means your professional and personal goals can sometimes go off track. To stay focussed, create a professional development plan you can refer to whenever you feel yourself getting a bit lost. This will be invaluable in keeping you on track for success both at work and at home.

Create a dedicated workspace

A couch or bed does not create a professional work environment, where you will do your best work. These spaces are associated with leisure time… or sleep, and you may well find yourself struggling to stay motivated, or awake. Instead, dedicate a specific room or surface in your home to working remotely. We may not all have the extra space to create an office, however a nook, or desk, or the dining table will put you in a work frame of mind ready to tackle any task that comes your way.

Get certified

Remote working opens up the hiring pool to talent from all over Australia… and the world! No longer do employees need to live within a commutable distance to the office, they just need reliable technology. Which means, the competition for roles has now increased more than ever. To ensure you stand out from the crowd why not look at getting certified for your RPL with a nationally recognised Australian qualification, such as the Certificate IV in Business – BSB40120 offered by Asset Training Australia (RTO: 31718).

Start setting boundaries

It’s easy not to ‘clock off’ when remote working, and this is where the lines between work-life and home-life can become blurred, and with it your boundaries. And if you’re not careful, the flexibility that remote working offers can soon turn into working 24/7… and burn out. To avoid this happening, activities such as activating your ‘out of office’, having a ‘wind down’ routine when you finish work for the day, and not answering emails over the weekend (or after hours) will all help set these boundaries and ensure you have a healthy work-life balance.

Preparation is key

With all the benefits remote working has to offer, being prepared will help you take full advantage of this future way of working.

So let’s get you certified so you have an edge over the competition! Contact OZCAREER to find out how RPL can help you get ahead.