Republic of Korea


Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Certificate III & IV in Fitness Welcome to Team Bros!

1. Applicant's Profile

Total 4.1 years of Trainer (Life guard, personal training, ski/snow board instructor, etc)

2. Education background

Level 3 Certificate – Sports Instructor (Bodybuilding) Squbar Diving (Open water diver) Tekwondo Blackbelt level 4rd ( KUKKIWON ) Korea National Red Cross – lifeguard Group Exercise Instructor Completion (G.T.A academy) Korea Ski Association – level 2 (Snow board & ski)

3. What qualification did you apply? And why?

I have completed Certificate III & IV in Fitness to work effectively at my current workplace in Australia

4. What evidence materials did you prepare for RPL?

Resume, reference letter, USI, latest certifications, media evidence (video and photo), portfolio, visa granted letter, recommendation letter, relevant qualification, application form, etc.

5. How long did it take?

I have waited my result of my application for 3 weeks and submitted extra evidences when required. And it took couple of days more after submission by the deadline. Total 26 days for two qualification

6. What do you want to do in 5 years?

I might get offered a sponsorship visa by my current workplace or its another branch. I am looking forward to welcoming more energetic customers who set their perfect body goal. I am so pleasure that I started working at the famous gym in Sydney with my Australian qualifications. I would like to be a general manager at the one of the branches within 5 years!