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OZCAREER offers specialises HR Solutions and internship placements


OZCAREER offers specialises HR Solutions and internship placements for both local and foreign workers in order to solve the skills shortage in the Australian workforce and we also provide a tailed training service to job seekers and companies.

  1. Professional Recruitment Service for Permanent Employees
  2. Internship Placement Service for School Graduates and Unskilled Jobseekers
  3. Hotel Career Program for Hospitality Graduates or Skilled Hospitality Professionals
  4. Demi Pair and Au Pair Service


We focus on providing recruitment solutions by actively engaging and seeking a suitable candidate and future employee for the organisations. We make sure they meet the criteria and fit for the business needs.


We provide candidates (including internship) who are keen and ambitious to gain work experience in their chosen field and those who are ready to utilise their knowledge in a highly productive work environment.


This hotel career program is designed to match businesses and individuals with temporary and permanent employment opportunities. We work with respected businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry looking to enhance their teams with international workers. OZCAREER works with our wide network of Australian employers to determine seasonal staffing needs and then we recruit, screen, interview and match interested candidates. We’re careful to ensure that work experience and expectations align for both job seekers and employers. We look at our candidate’s individual interests, experience and education as well as help prepare them to find the perfect fit. If you’re a great person seeking a meaningful work, travel or lifestyle experience, we can find the visa program and provide the support and services to make your journey unforgettable.


What is Au Pair?

Aupairing is the most flexible and the most affordable childcare plus you get the bonus of cultural exchange. Au pairs are welcomed as a member of the family and given the opportunity to experience the Australian lifestyle and refine their language skills. Host families provide full board and pocket money in exchange for childcare and light housework. Most au pairs help out for 25 – 35 hours per week.Au pairs are often called ‘mom’s helper’ or ‘big sister’. Our au pairs speak good English and many can drive to help with school-runs, homework, after school activities, meal times and light housework. Hosting an au pair is both fun and educational for your children.

What is Demi Pair?

A Demi Pair is a full time student and part time Au Pair. In the Demi Pair Program students live with a local family; providing childcare and performing household duties in exchange for meals and board. It’s a great way to travel, learn English, be a part of a family, and make some lifelong memories.

OZCAREER can help you find an au pair, help with preparation and provide support throughout. Make an inquiry to us any time for more details. APPLY NOW.