Republic of Korea


Diploma of Hospitality Management (Cookery)

Diploma of Hospitality Management to apply for the sponsorship visa

1. Applicant's Profile

Total 4 years of Work experience as a Chef in Hospitality industries.

2. Education background

Certificate III & IV in Commercial Cookery (Australia Certifications) Korean Food, Western Food, Bakery and Pastry (Korea Certifications)

3. What qualification did you apply? And why?

Diploma of Hospitality Management. MA asked me to take a course of Diploma of Hospitality Management in order to apply for my 457 visa. But I didn’t have enough time to learn or study more about the knowledge of commercial cookery or higher education from the college. Fortunately, I found the way I can get certification through RPL, and started looking up appropriate RPL agencies around me. Finally I found OZCAREER getting my qualification I needed.

4. What evidence materials did you prepare for RPL?

OZCAREER sent me a check list and some guidance. I needed to collect certain amount of required document for them to evaluate my skills and knowledge. All of document I submitted was 100% Genuine!

5. How long did it take?

It took 23 days until I have received my qualification by Australian post. I spent a week for preparing all of required document for RPL before I applied.

6. What do you want to do in 5 years?

I wanted to become a chef in abroad since I was younger and I already went through! I might open my small kitchen in Sydney when I get my pr within 3 years. I will do my best for my career and future.