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Why RPL is more cost effective than traditional study?

Are you thinking about getting formal qualifications to boost your career? The idea of investing time and money in traditional learning might not be appealing if you don’t have a lot of time or money to invest. If you’re weighing up whether to enrol in a course or not, take a look at how RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) can get you qualified faster and cheaper. 

Why get qualified

Being certified for your skills can have a significant impact on your career progression. In Australia, nationally recognised qualifications can open up new opportunities, increase your earning potential and even help you launch your own business

Let’s explore how formal qualifications benefit professionals in a few different industries:


In many states, trades such as plumbing, electrical work, or carpentry, you need to have a licence to carry out work as a qualified tradesperson. Not only do these qualifications provide you with the necessary technical knowledge and skills, but they also give you a competitive edge in the job market when applying for contracts where having a trade is part of the criteria. For example, obtaining a Certificate III in Plumbing and Services – CPC40920 could lead to a plumbing licence, allowing you to take on more complex projects and even hire apprentices to expand your business.

In the field of community services, formal qualifications like a Certificate III in Community Services or Diploma of Community Services – CHC52015, can demonstrate your expertise and commitment to making a positive impact in people’s lives. These qualifications provide you with a comprehensive understanding of social issues, ethical practices, and effective communication, enabling you to excel in roles such as support worker, case manager, or community development officer.


In the fast-paced world of hospitality, formal qualifications like a Diploma in Hospitality Management – SIT50416 awarded by Frontier Training and Technology can significantly enhance your prospects in getting a leadership position. This Diploma demonstrates that you possess the necessary skills in customer service, food preparation, and team management, making you an attractive candidate for supervisory or management positions in hotels, restaurants, or catering businesses.

Why get certified through RPL

Rather than taking the time out to undertake traditional study for knowledge and skills that you already have, RPL provides a pathway getting certified.  You can gain recognition for their skills and experience, opening doors to further career advancement. Whether you’re looking to enhance your qualifications in trades, community services, or hospitality, or anything else – RPL offers a cost-effective and efficient route to achieve your goals.

  • You can skip Lengthy Training Courses: RPL saves time and money by bypassing training for skills you already have. Showcase your skills and experience in a portfolio, assessed by an RTO to focus on expanding knowledge where needed.
  • Enhance Your Career Prospects: A recognised qualification through RPL opens up more job opportunities, allowing you to confidently apply for a wider range of roles.
  • Increase Your Earning Potential: Formal qualifications make you more valuable to employers, increasing your chances of higher remuneration.
  • Strengthen Your CV: Certify your skills and experience through RPL, improving your CV and impressing recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Work and Study Simultaneously: With RPL, you can earn your qualification while continuing to work, maintaining income and job security.

How RPL Works

RPL is an assessment process that acknowledges your existing skills, knowledge, and experience. It allows you to obtain a nationally recognised qualification based on your demonstrated competency in a particular field.

Our streamlined process makes RPL a hassle-free and efficient way to gain formal recognition for your skills and experience.

Get in touch with us ( to start your RPL and take the next exciting step in your career. Together, we can turn your experience into a nationally recognised qualification that will open doors to new possibilities.